The nearly Final EIS:

The FTA has now issued what we can only call a nearly Final EIS. We say nearly Final because the Programmatic Agreement which is Appendix H of the EIS has yet to be signed and the Governor has not approved the nearly Final EIS yet. Until those events occur the document is not a Final EIS.

The City and FTA issued the nearly Final EIS as one large encrypted file plus separate appendices. The main file is unwieldy to use except for searches. We have decrypted the main file so that you may now copy excerpts from of it and we have separated the various chapters into individual files for ease of handling. We warn you that Chapter 4 is still a very large 260 Mb.

We suggest you print out the Table of Contents, pages 15-32 of the 38 pages of the Front Section, to more easily navigate your way through this document.


Final EIS  (large 300mb file needs some patience to download. Consists of Front Section, all Chapters, through the Back Section but not the Appendices, nor the Technical Reports listed on the FEIS, page 4-2.)


Front Section Title page, Abstract, HRS 343 Summary, Preface, Table of Contents

Chapter 1 History of the Project

Chapter 2 Alternatives Considered

Chapter 3 Transportation

Chapter 4 Environmental Analysis, Consequences, and Mitigation

Chapter 5 Section 4(f) Evaluation

Chapter 6 Cost and Financial Analysis

Chapter 7 Evaluation of the Project

Chapter 8 Comments and Coordination

Back Section References, List of Preparers, List of EIS Recipients, Index

Appendix A Comments on the Draft EIS (large 150mb file)

Appendix B Preliminary Plans and Profiles

Appendix C Preliminary Right of Way Plans

Appendix D Bus Transit Routes

Appendix E Construction Approach

Appendix F Record of Agency Correspondence and Coordination

Appendix G Record of Public and Stakeholder Correspondence and Coordination (large 140mb file)

Appendix H Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act Draft Programmatic Agreement

Appendix I Mitigation and Commitments

Appendix J Relationship ot Land Use Plans, Policies and Controls

Appendix K  Airport Layout Plan and Drawings

Technical Reports Expanded reports on various technical issues