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Rick Hamada's Rail Hour on Mondays:


8/4/08 http://www.honolulu.townpodcast.com/podcasts/cc/RickHamada-2008-08-04.mp3 Cliff alone.

7/21/08 http://www.honolulu.townpodcast.com/podcasts/cc/RickHamada-2008-07-21.mp3 panos alone

7/14/08 http://www.honolulu.townpodcast.com/podcasts/cc/RickHamada-2008-07-14.mp3 Panos & PR lady ???

6/30/08 http://www.honolulu.townpodcast.com/podcasts/cc/RickHamada-2008-06-30.mp3 Mike Schneider & Panos

June 19, 2008. Monday's rail battle on Rick Hamada now on podcast Last Monday for the 7-8 AM segment of the Rick Hamada Show on KHVH 830 AM, Gary Okino and Maeda Timson took on Honolulutraffic.com's Cliff Slater and Stop Rail Now's Eric Ryan on the rail transit issue. It was podcast and is now online. If you want to see a clear difference in the thinking between the two sides on this debate, we suggest you listen to the podcast. It is an eye opener.


May 19, 2008.  http://www.honolulu.townpodcast.com/podcasts/cc/RickHamada-2008-05-19.mp3  Cliff Slater & Simon Zweighaft.


May 12, 2008.  Rick Hamada Show Click here for the podcast for last Monday with Dr. Panos Prevedouros and Steve Hogan.


April 28, 2008. Last Monday's Schneider v. Slater podcast: On the Rick Hamada Show last Monday the whole hour from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM was spent debating the rail issue. It was between Mike Schneider, Managing Partner of InfraConsult LLC, and former Executive VP of PB Consult, the consulting arm of Parsons Brinckerhoff, and Cliff Slater, Chair of Honolulutraffic.com. Fortunately it was during Rick Hamada's podcast hour.