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Informal TODs happening at the Tampa Expressway:


Dr. Martin Stone, Planning Director for the Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority, tells us that about $1 billion in new development at its urban end has occurred since the opening of the Tampa Expressway unlike regular TODs, which are highly subsidized, none were needed for these developments. He very kindly provided us with the following photos:


2052 Streetscape showing the Grand Central (residential, parking, multiple floors of office and commercial on first floor) development, the Slade (residential & commercial on first floor) development and the Towers of Channelside (residential, parking and commercial on first floor at the far end of photo)


2053 Grand Central and Ventana (3 separate buildings - Madison Street view)


2054 Grand Central and Ventana (3 separate buildings Kennedy Blvd view)


2055 the Slade on Meridian


2057 the Slade with Grand Central in background


2060 Towers with retail on first floor and Cruise ship parking garage in background


2061 New History Museum (on left) with Towers on right


2062 New History Museum