Honolulutraffic's comments :

In addition to our cover/summary letter, our comments on the Draft EIS are attached in seven parts:


Part I         All reasonable alternatives were not studied.

Part II        Insufficient consideration of elevated rail impacts.

Part III       The Locally Preferred Alternative must be studied in the EIS.

Part IV      First Project, Phase I, is an illegal segmentation.

Part V       Unjustifiable forecasts.

Part VI      Strategic misrepresentation in the Draft EIS.

Part VII     Strategic misrepresentation outside of the Draft EIS.


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City release of all comments:

The City has now released all 1,389 pages of Draft EIS comments they received. Below are listed  the principal organizations and first pages of their various submissions. Please inform us of any errors and omissions.



Organization followed by the first page of each of their submissions:

American institute of Architects, Hawaii Chapter, 140 & 333 & 335

General Growth 490 & 1096

National Park Service 614

Kaka'ako Mauka 616

United States General Services 618

United States Navy 645, 28 & 935

University of Hawaii Environmental Center 800

Federal Court Judges 829 & 940

United States Marshall’s Office 832

United States General Services Administration 834 & 1329

Native Hawaiian Legal Center 836

Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources 844

Hawaii Department of Transportation 854

Hawaii Community Development Authority 867

Historic Hawaii Foundation 873

Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services 928

Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism  557 & 971

Hawaii Department of Health 974

American Planning Association, Hawaii Chapter 983

Pacific Guardian Center 1022

University of Hawaii Leeward 1028

University of Hawaii Manoa 1039

Kaka'ako Business & Landowners Association 1051

Kamehameha Schools 1060

CB Richard Ellis for Kamehameha Schools 1055

UltraSystems for Kamehameha Schools 1099

Outdoor Circle 1136

Sierra Club, Oahu Group 1141

Hawaiian Electric Company 1145

Makiki Neighborhood Board 1154

Honolulutraffic.com 1155

United States Army Corps of Engineers 1225

Hawaii State Department of Defense 1239

United States Environmental Protection Agency 1263

Life of the Land 1275

Hawaii State Office of Hawaiian Affairs 1282

National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation 1288

Hawaii’s Thousand Friends 1336

University of Hawaii Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 1360

United States National Park Service 1385  


Other comments:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Daisy Murai,

Nancy Nagamine #1 & #2,

Rich Ubersax #1& #2,

Ben Ramelb #1 &  #2 & #3,

Dennis Callan.

Jane Au.

Historic Hawaii Foundation

Outdoor Circle

Geoffrey Paterson, AIA Emeritus

Michelle Matson

Shirley Hasenyager

Suzanne Teller

University of Hawaii Environmental Center

Professor Panos Prevedouros — General & Technical comments.

American Institute of Architects, Hawaii Chapter.

Kamehameha Schools.